Failures of Homeopathy,Remedials,Is pathology not needed ?

All of us(Homeopathic Practitioners)well aware of Dr. Hahnemann's Chronic Disease Theory.this was introduced as a faithful procedure for the treatment of chronic morbid processes.Though, Dr. Hahnemann described the indications of Chronic Diseases as "SYMPTOMS",but one will soon discover after a careful study of the same that the so called  SYMPTOMS of the Chronic Diseases,mostly are nothing but kind of "PATHOLOGICAL EXPRESSIONS". As for examples Psoric eruptions ,Sycotic excrescences,Syphillitic ulcers etc.It is well known to us that Master Hahnemann himself and some  stalwarts of Homeopathy like Dr. J.T.Kent etc. always advocated against Pathology, some times giving lowest value in connection with the selection of a remedy.It seems that Dr. Hahnemann discouraged to give importance to pathological aspects while selecting a remedy,as the then science of Pathology was not up to the mark and definite,rather was illogical and full of Superstitious elements....... To be continued

Failures of homeopathy

Failures of homeopathy

Homeopathic practitioners might have observed many disease conditions can not be radically cured following the guidelines of ORGANON including all the literature left by Hahneman and other stalwarts of Homeopathic system of Medicine. There are many valid causes of failures are being pointed out by Hahneman as well as by many other practitioners of the Homeopathy.Following all the remedial findings against the failures even then a mountainous percentage of failures are obvious till date.

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Know India

Know India

India is a country of 'Unity in Diversity'. A place is called "Dooars" adjacent to Himalayan range,surrounded by dense forest,Tea gardens with highly pleasant natural can visit Thimpu,capital of BHUTAN,DARJEELING,NEPAL,SikkiM and entire North East of India making tent some where at Dooars.

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Indian Herbs as Homeopathic Medicine

Indian Hindoos  are acustomed with the values of Aeglefolia in there daily life. It’s importance can be understood from it’s presence at there places of  worship.    Aeglefolia is a BOON for mankind as it is having many fold usefulness during sickness. Here I shall state some uses of this marvelous plant.

Clinical: Bleeding Piles,Dysentery,Fever with dropsy,Impotency etc.

Can be used freely without any side effect for (Homeopathic potency 6,30)Impotency for few days.

Aegle  marmelos(Green fruit) is  very  much useful for Blood Dysentery(Homeopathic Mother Tincture 5 to 10 drops per dose for few doses).

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